Maine Association of REALTORS®

REALTOR® Rally Day (Virtual)

March 8, 2022



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Protect Private Property Rights

Economic Viability – Building Communities

Keep Maine Competitive – Tax Policy

Vision for Maine Real Estate

Advocacy Goal:

The Maine Association of REALTORS® will be identified as the leading advocate for the advancement of Maine’s real estate industry and the preservation and protection of the rights to own, transfer, and use real property.

Our vision for Maine is:

  • That there is a strong economy that provides the employment and income to support an active real estate market for residents, businesses, tourists, and nonprofit institutions throughout the state;

  • That there is a healthy supply of affordable, safe, secure and quality residential and commercial real estate inventory of various types available statewide which, in turn, supports the continuing growth of the Maine economy;

  • That Maine REALTORS® are recognized by the public as the “go-to” source for current, trustworthy, and complete real estate information in all markets and regions in the state; and are recognized as the source of objective, professional guidance which meets high ethical standards; and

  • That the Maine Association of REALTORS® effectively supports its REALTOR® members through high quality information and technical support services; and through advocacy at the local, state, and federal levels that is responsive, readily organized, and impactful.